On-Site Service

Raindog Solutions - Mobile Service & SupportIf your home or office is in need of a visit from a computer expert, check us out!  We have been providing mobile IT support and repair since 2003, across the Greater Victoria area (we’re moving up-island summer 2017!).  We’ll send a certified technician specializing in Windows devices to help you with any PC or network issues you may have.  It is our goal to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so your tech will come equipped with common replacement parts and devices for your network, as well as for PCs.  We can also help with common tasks on Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices, Logitech Harmony remotes, network appliances, audio/video systems, smart TVs and more.

Remote Service

We can resolve many common issues via state-of-the-art remote control software, allowing our technician to remotely operate your PC with your consent.  If your PC is able to connect to the Internet successfully, we can work with you remotely, regardless of your location.  We can also remotely provide you with guidance during installations and upgrades of your systems, as well as offer scheduled remote maintenance or monitoring of your PCs, servers, network appliances, and more.

  Technical Services

Technical ServicesWe provide virus/malware removal, PC repair, data recovery, backup, maintenance plans, and much more. Maybe you’d like to improve your PC’s performance with a hardware upgrade?  No problem.  Popular upgrades include more RAM, a solid state drive (SSD), more storage space, or improved graphics performance to support the latest games or content creation software.  Pickup and delivery is included for all Greater Victoria area customers (we’re moving up-island summer 2017!).  Need some help completing a project that requires technical expertise?  Our techs are highly skilled in a variety of popular software packages as well as digital media & content creation, and we offer website design, development, hosting and management.


ComputersTime for a new PC? Windows 10 PCs offer an amazing user experience.  Custom built desktop PCs are one of our specialties, along with top name laptops & tablets using the latest technology, and of course the experience and expertise to get you the right equipment to make sure you get the best value for your money.  We also offer all the supporting gear you might need, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, WiFi routers, switches, print servers, external storage, and so much more.  We deliver across the Greater Victoria region (we’re moving up-island summer 2017!), with optional setup help available to get your new computer up and running just the way you like it.