Upgrading your computer is sometimes a viable alternative to replacing it, depending on its age, its expansion capabilities, and your specific needs.

More system memory (RAM), a faster processor, a higher-performance graphics card are all popular upgrade choices, not to mention the latest & greatest Windows operating system.

Need more storage options? Replacing your PC’s traditional hard disk drive (HDD) with a high-speed solid state drive (SSD) has become increasingly popular and affordable, and can greatly enhance the overall responsiveness of your PC.

The latest flat panel LED monitors are a great way to upgrade your computing experience. Multimedia artists and those who require a large amount of screen area or multiple windows open simultaneously may want to consider an UltraHD 4k monitor, or a multiple monitor setup – with the right graphics card you can use two, three, or even more monitors to enhance your workflow.

So you already have a nice powerful PC but you can’t stand all the noise it makes? Quiet PCs are one of our specialties. We can replace your system’s loud fans and power supply with premium low-noise models, plus hard disk drive silencers and case insulation kits are also available. We can dramatically reduce your PC’s noise level from “wow, that’s loud” to “is it on?”

Can’t plug in your new printer, scanner, or digital camera?  We can add the latest high-speed USB or other interface ports to most PCs to accommodate your new peripherals.

We can recommend the best upgrade path for your computer, provide the components needed, and install them for you.

Contact us to arrange an upgrade for your PC.